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Request Collaboration

UC San Diego programs, departments and others interested in collaboration are invited to submit a request for partnership. 


  1. Read the "Important Information" section below to understand the request process 
  2. Complete the below form in entirety to submit a collaboration request. 
  3. Questions? Email

Important Information

Important Information

  • The Center can be requested to:
    • HOST a screening or talk (available on Friday and Saturday only) - OR - 
    • CO-SPONSOR an event, screening, or talk
  • Requests must align with the Center's mission and values, as noted below:
    • Our Mission:
      • The Suraj Israni Center for Cinematic Arts promotes research, scholarship, teaching, production, and exhibition of film and moving-image arts, providing access and opportunity for UC San Diego students and scholars to pursue their passion in cinematics arts.
    • Our Values and Guiding Principles
      • A broad and inclusive notion of the “cinematic arts” 
      • Innovation and experimentation in production and scholarship
      • Diversity, aiming to highlight underrepresented practitioners and scholars
      • A regional and transnational focus, from San Diego to Mexico and the Pacific Rim
      • Interdisciplinary approaches that enhance collaborative research and practice, expanding understanding and creativity beyond a single discipline

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of support does the Center offer for events/screenings/lectures?
    • The Center can host a free public screening or lecture. Hosting includes the setup and management of an invitation and RSVP system, inclusion in promotional materials on and off campus, and use of the Center’s screening/lecture space in Mosaic Hall.
  • When should I submit my request?
    • Please submit as soon as possible, taking into consideration the date of proposed event/activity, the deadlines, and the evaluation process. A large number of requests are received and the Center aims to provide equal opportunity.
  • When will I hear back about my request?
    • The status of the request will be provided within four weeks after the deadline. Scheduling is subject to venue availability.
  • When and where are screenings or talks held?
    • Through an agreement with the University, the Center currently has access to the screening space (Mosaic Hall 113) on Saturdays from 3:00pm to 8:00pm. Screenings or lectures in this space are only possible during these windows of time.
  • Can the Mosaic Hall auditorium support screening of a DCP file?
    • No - the screening space in Mosaic 113 is not a DCP compatible projector. We are currently only able to use the HDMI ports at the lectern to connect to a laptop (or Blu-ray player already available installed at lectern).
  • Does the Center cover the cost of screening-fees for films in distribution?
    • If approved by the Center’s leadership, we can cover up to $500 of a screening fee. If the screening/talk is sponsored by the Center and no screening-fee is required, we can offer $500 as honorarium to non-UC employees, or “chart string” payment to faculty funds per UC policy.
  • How does payment and reimbursement work?
    • All payment or reimbursement arrangements will be handled by the home department using a chart string provided by the Center. All transactions are subject to approval by the Center’s financial manager. The Center does not transfer gift funds. 
  • Would a screening/lecture I propose also include a reception/catering/wine?
    • The Center’s events are focused on presenting film programming and related talks/lectures. At this time, the Center does not have administrative capacity to support the coordination of catering, furniture rental, or purchase ordering for catered events.
  • I have an idea for a screening/talk. How do I propose this?
    • The Center has organized a workgroup with the responsibility to collect and advise Center leadership on event programming. Please complete the form, paying special attention to deadlines indicated, and the Center can make a determination about how your proposal could be included in a future program.
  • My department or program would like to co-sponsor an event with the Center. How does this work?
    • The Center is eager to collaborate with campus partners and can field such requests with the completion of this form. The type of support you request from the center may vary (from use of the screening space, to promotional support, to assistance in offsetting certain costs, etc). A workgroup will advise the Center’s leadership on these requests and the Director will follow-up with discussions for clarification and how to best include the Center’s partnership in your event.