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Fellowship Applications

The Suraj Israni Center for Cinematic Arts offers fellowships to support film research or production, within the scope of the center's mission.


Check back in fall 2024 for the next fellowship application opportunity.

Fellowship Overview

  •  WHAT IS THE PURPOSE?  The fellowships are intended to help foster a lively academic community and may support any project within the scope of the center’s mission. 

  • WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Current UC San Diego students, faculty, and staff can apply for a fellowship. Students must be registered and be in good academic standing. Senate Faculty and Unit 18 Lecturers must be in residence, have an academic appointment at UC San Diego for the duration of the fellowship and not be on an approved leave, sabbatical or work relocation. Previous fellowship awardees will not be eligible for another fellowship for two academic years.

  • WHAT DO YOU RECEIVE? Fellows receive either access to filming equipment or funding. Funds are determined based on the individual projects and can be utilized in several ways, ranging from production costs on a narrative or short film, to research, travel and film-festival attendance. 

  •  WHAT IS REQUIRED OF FELLOWS? Fellows are expected to attend a specified number of events hosted by the center, write an accessible description of their project for the center’s website, produce a one-page report of the project progress, and present their projects as part of the biannual Suraj Israni Fellowship forum. 

  • WHEN ARE THEY OFFERED? Fellowship applications are posted in the fall and the spring of each academic year.

  • HOW DO I APPLY? Interested participants submit an electronic application with all required items. Required material typically includes: (1) A project description with the research plan and details on how the project is consistent with the center’s vision, (2) A curriculum vitae or resume, (3) An itemized budget of anticipated expenses (4) A reference letter from a UC San Diego Faculty member (for students only), (5) A relevant work sample (for students only). 

  • HOW MANY ARE OFFERED? Approximately 10 fellows are selected during each call.

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Meet the Fellows

Learn about the program’s talented and ambitious recipients from all across the UC San Diego campus.

Meet the Fellows